Nixon Library

If you haven’t seen our library, come by for a visit. The library is located at the center of the school. If you come through the main entrance it is just beyond the Computer Lab. All students come for a weekly visit with their classmates. Check out our catalog or fill out and print a permission slip to borrow Playaway books.

The library is also open during recess and lunch for quiet reading on Tuesday and Thursday. From 12:00-12:20 on Wednesday and Friday it is open for reading, drawing and table games. The puppet theater in the Everybody Room (our picture book room) is also available on Wednesday and Friday.

Students accompanied by an adult may use the library after school until 3:00 on Monday, Tuesday (unless there is a staff meeting), Thursday and Friday. Our library resources have been generously supported by the Nixon PTA.  Come on and use them!

Results from a survey administered in May to 3rd through 5th graders showed that by far, the favorite library activity is reading aloud to a partner, a stepping stone to public speaking. I want to encourage this enthusiasm.

While I am working with the classes, library parent volunteers maintain the facility. They circulate books, put returned materials back on the shelves, process new and damaged books. They also help your child locate materials when I am swamped by the number of children who need help within such a short class period.

Parents have generously given their time to helping not only their own child’s class, but sometimes a class without a library parent volunteer. Some have met in groups to repair books and work on other projects. Elizabeth Chung and Nancy Sellinger are the parents responsible for organizing this team, so if you are interested in climbing aboard, please contact them.

I have read that the jobs your child will hold in the future have not yet been created and that the strongest gifts we can give him or her is a thirst for knowledge and the tools to seek it. I am hoping that our school library will be the launching pad to begin this journey. I want the library to be your child’s favorite room at Nixon!

Thank you, PTA, for your considerable support. I am looking forward to a great, new, school year!