Site Council

The Nixon Site Council is responsible for considering and setting Nixon Elementary School’s operational direction and focus within the parameters set by the Palo Alto Unified School District. The Council formulates and updates Nixon’s Mission and Vision Statements, which highlight our school’s priorities and aspirations. The Council develops and adopts the school plan, and an annual budget to support the plan. The Council also serves as a forum for obtaining staff and parent input regarding Nixon programs and issues, as well as a channel of communication between parents, the school, and the school district.

The Council consists of an equal number of Nixon parents and staff members (the principal and teachers). Parents and staff Council members (other than the principal, who is an ex officio member) serve two year terms which are staggered to provide both continuity and an opportunity for new ideas and input from new members. Nixon parents elect parent members, and the teachers and staff select the staff members of the Council. A parent member chairs the Council meetings.

Site Council meetings are usually held on the 1st Monday of each month, and the public is invited to attend. Agendas are available at least 48 hours prior to each meeting and are posted on the Nixon website. Minutes of the meetings are also posted on the Nixon website.

Meeting Schedule 2017–2018

(Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place on the first Monday of the month from 2:40 pm to 4:00 pm in the Nixon Staff Lounge)

Our By-laws require that we meet a minimum of 8 times a year, so it is possible that one meeting may be cancelled if there is no business to accomplish or timely information to share.

Members of Site Council 2017–2018

  • Megan Cox
  • Jessica Ferrell
  • Marie Legrand
  • Jen Silva
  • Margo Sutherland
  • Mary Pat O’Connell
  • Laura Schwarz
  • Kathryn Sakata
  • Elvin Sterling
  • Rachel Gibson

Meeting Minutes

Survey Results

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

An SPSA is submitted yearly to the Board of Education and outlines the Principal’s / Site Council’s plans for school improvement during the subsequent year.