School Supplies

To make it easy for parents, the Nixon PTA orders school supplies in bulk. To cover the cost of supplies, we ask for a per-student suggested donation, shown below.

By consolidating this purchasing process we achieve a number of benefits for you and Nixon. We save money that can be used for other school needs. We eliminate the hassle of shopping for supplies. Ordering in bulk allows teachers to get exactly what they need. And we reduce unnecessary packaging waste.

Please know that supplies will be provided for each child whether or not you contribute toward them. Your contribution is optional. And for those who are able, please consider donating extra to help cover classroom supplies for children whose families are unable to contribute.

How To Donate:

PTA Registration & Donation Form: Include your donation (either in the suggested per child donation amounts shown above, or any other amount) on the PTA Registration & Donation Form that you bring with you on Registration Day, Friday, August 15th.

Online: Go to the Nixon PTA online store. Payments are handled through Paypal’s secured servers, and you do not have to have a Paypal account to use this service. You can simply use a credit card instead. Here are the costs and suggested donation amounts by grade level.

GRADE*        Cost & Suggested Donation

K                                        $35

1                                        $36

2                                        $42

3                                        $40

4                                        $43

5                                        $45

* For grades 1 through 5, each order now includes an individual headset for computer and iPad use that is kept at school and not shared with any other student to help prevent lice.