California Wild Assembly

Next week, Nixon will host its 1st Awesome Assembly of the year. This is an exciting event with some surprise guests (hint: they may have spikes, feathers and fur!). See below for a description of what your child will experience, please note the Assembly is during school hours and for students only. 

Thanks to the Nixon PTA for sponsoring the assemblies!

Date: Monday, Sept 16
Assembly: California Wild

WildMind educational programs will bring science and environmental literacy alive next Monday! Our students will learn to think like scientists, appreciate our connectivity with animals, the environment and each other, while having fun learning science!

There will be intriguing animals who will spark our students’ curiosity and increase their knowledge of California’s wonderful natural history. Students will gain insights into the secret lives of the intelligent and ecologically important animals that live around us.

This program is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).