Everyday Math

You will need a login ID and password from your teacher. Click here when you are ready to go to the external website (it will open up in a separate window/tab).

EDM games are flash-based, therefore not available on iOS devices. To play the games in iOS devices you will need to purchase / download them from the App Store. Some of them are free, some are paid. Some of the paid ones become free from time to time.


There are several things that might affect your ability to access the EDM games on the computer. One or more of the following are usually the culprit.

Quit your browser before each step, since the change will only take effect AFTER you restart the browser.

  • Set your browser to allow pop-ups.  For security reasons you can create an exception to allow pop-ups from specific websites instead of allowing pop-ups from all websites.
  • Update your Flash and Shockwave player.
  • If necessary, reset your browser.
    • Do this in Chrome.
    • Do this in Firefox.
    • Do this in Safari. Click Safari > Reset Safari.
  • If you have other browsers, or other computers, try using these other ones.