5th grade Yearbook

Hello Fifth Grade Parents,

Plans are underway to create a yearbook that captures photographs from all six years of your Nixon student — from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  We need your help in gathering photos at school or during field trips of your children and their Nixon friends.  Photos should be at least 1 megapixels (1024×728 pixels).

Please send your digital photos to the email addresses below and include your child’s and teacher’s names from that year.  We have 6 different e-mail boxes, one for each grade, so please send your photos sorted accordingly.

Kindergarten Photos:  nyb2016.kinder@gmail.com

1st Grade Photos:   nyb2016.first@gmail.com

2nd Grade Photos:   nyb2016.second@gmail.com

3rd Grade Photos:   nyb2016.third@gmail.com

4th Grade Photos:   nyb2016.fourth@gmail.com

5th Grade Photos:   nyb2016.fifth@gmail.com 

If you have questions, please contact Fatma Helmy at fatma@helmy.org or Mana Uchino at  manatokyo@hotmail.com. You will be hearing from us again about how students will submit their written memoir.

Thank you!

Nixon Yearbook Volunteers