PiE Staff Spotlight: Kevin Johnson, Aide 4th Grade Classrooms at Nixon


For almost 20 years, Kevin has been patiently helping students at Nixon School. Without community support of PiE, his job would most likely have been eliminated by budget cuts years ago. However, thanks to generous PiE donors, PAUSD schools are able to keep incredible people, like Kevin, as general classroom aides. Donate to PiE Now!

Fourth Grade teacher Mr. Stevens, who works with Kevin, explains: “When helping students in the classroom, Kevin is supportive and patient, and he always keeps the mood and attitude positive. The calmness he carries through our school is contagious, and nothing is ever too hard or too much or too new for Kevin. For a laugh, support in the classroom or on the playground, or to chat about a problem that has come up, teachers and kids can count on Kevin”.

Fellow teacher, Ms. Waterhouse adds “Kevin is an inspiring aide in all ways. He develops a calm, positive relationship with the students. For example, when I’ve had struggling readers, he sits patiently with them reading and talking, developing a strong, rich educational bond. He is a father figure throughout the school. Students from college have come back to tell him that his kind manner and noon sports were what made them love Nixon school. If it weren’t for PiE we wouldn’t have the gift of Kevin.” Teacher Ms. Edmonds affirms, “In every situation he is able to find leaders, encourage those that need a nudge, and keep it positive and fun for all. Our educational program is enhanced because Kevin is a part of it.”

Kevin Johnson is the proud parent of four grown children. He was honored as CSEA Employee of the Year in 2016. He also works part time at P’zza Chicago. When you consider your donation to PiE, please think about Kevin and the difference he makes at Nixon for all of our kids. Only with your support can PiE continue to support Kevin and all classroom aides at Nixon and across the district. Donate to PiE Now!